Boring, Marie (Governess)
(1862, Avolsheim - 1940, Avolsheim)

Born in Alsace, she was employed as the Trakl's Governess from 1890. At that time a French “Bonne” was a status symbol and she spoke French with the children in everyday conversation. She became a kind of surrogate mother to the children, due to her involvement in their daily lives, the energy she place into their education, and the frequent unapproachableness of their real mother.

She suffered pangs of consciousness as a zealot Catholic being employed in a Protestant house with souls entrusted to her keeping that she could not win over to convert to the right faith. After fourteen years in the Trakl household, she considered her work completed, since many of the children had reached adulthood and the daugthers were in boarding schools.