Michel, Robert
(2/24/1876, Chaberice/Bohemia - 2/12/1957, Vienna)

The narrator, dramatist and journalist, who was the son of an Imperial economics manager, spent his youth in Prague. His military career led him to Vienna, where he began to publish his literary attempts. From 1889 to 1900 in Austrian occupied Bosnia-Herzegovina; from 1900-8, he was a French teacher in Innsbruck and developed a friendship with Ludwig von Ficker. From there again as an officer in Vienna, he continued to work on the magazine Der Brenner.

On 12/10/1913 a public reading was organized with him and Trakl in Innsbruck . Michel framed Trakl's poems with readings from the novella “From the Podvelez” and excerpts from the novel “The Houses on the Dzamija” (which appeared in Berlin in 1915). Michel's contacts with Trakl were otherwise sporadic, but he had already applied in the spring 1913 for a position as calculation control civil servant with the war Ministry and supported himself also at the beginning of 1914 with the search for employment with the military.
During WWI, Michel participated as a war correspondent, and in 1918 become a temporary co-leader of the Viennese Castle Theater, and lived under the constant financial problems of a free-lance writer.